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PHPRecipeBook 4.08

Recipe Name: Hassan's Pakistani Biryani Submitted by: Julie
Source: Source Description:
Ethnicity: Pakistani Last Modified: 4/19/2020
Base: Poultry Comments:
Course: Entree  
Difficulty: Easy
Preparation Time: 60+ Minutes
Number of Servings: 8

2 Pound(s) (or meat of choice) chicken, pieces with bones
1 Pound(s) sliced into half-circles onion, red
1 Pound(s) peeled (w/ boiling water) tomato
2 Pound(s) yogurt
1/2 Pound(s) (can use cooking, then remove) ghee
1 Shan Bombay Biryani Seasoning
4 Cup(s) rice, basmati
1/2 Cup(s) oil, canola
5 smashed cardamom pods
This recipe is from Hassan, the Pakistani owner of the Middle Eastern grocery I just visited for the first time. He used to be a chef. His wife tells him not to give such elaborate instructions because it chases customers away.

1. The night before, wash the chicken pieces 4 times, and pat dry with paper towels. Rub with spice blend, and refrigerate.

1.5 Rinse rice in 4 changes of water, and then soak for about 40 mins.

2. Using a bandolier or food processor for evenness, slice the onions to half-rounds.

3. Heat ghee in saucepan until it shimmers. Add smashed cardamom pods, and brown onions until light brown. Remove onions to paper towel and let them drain until crispy. Once they are crispy, smash coarsely.

4. Skin tomatoes by dunking in boiling water. Blend tomatoes to a puree, then add about 3/4 onions.

5. Heat ghee till shimmering, add tomato onion paste, and fry until the water evaporates and ghee separates.

6. Add chicken to pan and cook until it's about 65% done.

7. Blend yogurt till smooth, then add to pan and stir until incorporated.

8. When the oil separates, it means the chicken is done. You should have a thick sauce. Remove from heat.

9. In another pot, bring water and 1/2 cup canola oil to a boil. Add 1 T Himalayan salt. (Hassan doesn't use other spices in his rice, because the rice takes in the spice flavors and "locks", and you can't taste the rice.)

10. Your rice has been soaking. Now pour in colander and shake it to release all the starch. Add to water.

11. Next is the color part. If you don't want to use saffron, use red and yellow dye. Take two cups and put a teaspoon of water in each. One drop of red dye in one, one of yellow in the other. Put aside.

12. When rice begins to boil, strain it right away.

13. In another pot or dutch oven, layer half of the meat and sauce on the bottom. Then layer 1/2 of the rice over the top. Sprinkle 1/2 reserve crumbled onions, cilantro, mint.

14. Layer the rest of the meat sauce, then the rest of the rice. Sprinkle with onions, cilantro, mint. THEN, make a "cross" over the top -- one line of red dye, one line of yellow dye.

15. Cover tightly, using a wet paper towel over the top (under the lid) to maintain moisture in the pot. Simmer 15 minutes.

16. *Fold* the biryani. You want each spoonful to have white, orange, red, green -- distinct colors.

17. For garnish and fun, eat with Pakistani dried plums (very popular), sliced almonds, cashews. (After it's cooked.) You can serve with boiled sliced eggs too. For pleasing appearance.

18. Hassan has one more question: Was his wife right?

(Made this 4/20. Very tasty, but goat was tough so I Instant Potted it afterwards. Also the rice was still al dente, so I let the whole thing simmer on med-low for another 15 mins. While very flavorful, it was sort of dry and crying out for some of that delish gravy that accompanies Signature India biryani. But I have no idea how to make that.)

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